SGP: Friendly Feelings Contribution

This week our serious game project team further discussed out game ideas.  After much debate, we decided that we would expand upon Sierra’s idea.  Sierra’s idea involved a game which revolved around the usage of imaginary friends as emotional intelligence learning tools.  As children grow up, we found it important that they have the skills necessary to get through difficult aspects of their lives.  Thusly, creating a game to foster those skills seems rather important considering most of our group members grew up lacking any education in this field.

In order to educate users in emotional and social intelligence, we agreed upon making a game which is, at its core, is a child-friendly visual novel.  The characters in-game, which will be the player’s ‘imaginary friends,’ will be scattered around a park or playground which has very drab, washed-out colors.  The player has to talk to all of the ‘imaginary friends,’ each of which will be representative of a social/emotional intelligence skillset such as self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy, social skills, etc.  Conversing with a character will educate the player about the associated social/emotional intelligence skillset, after which the player is brought into a fun puzzle game which they must solve.  The puzzle will reinforce what was just taught to the player in a fun and engaging way, therefore hammering home the message.  After each puzzle is completed, the section of the game environment that the associated game character was located in will have its full color and vibrancy restored, therefore providing players with additional incentive to keep progressing through the game.  After completing the puzzle provided by one in-game character, players can then move on and converse with the other characters.

As for this week’s game brief, I had expanded upon the “Levels/Environment” section as well as the “Main User Mechanics/Actions” section.  For “Levels/Environment,” I discussed our ideas regarding progression and came up with the idea for gradually restoring color to the game world as players progressed.  As for mechanics, we figured that out game would be best suited for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as that would provide us with the greatest reach for hitting our target market of 6 to 10 year-olds.


Game Brief

Group Members:

Luke Carpentier –

Sierra St.Onge –

Khuong Truong –

Darius Watts –

Nicolas Kruzel –


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