SGP: Emotional Intelligence Game Idea

This week for Serious Game Project, I was determined to create a game which would aid children in developing skills which would help them to become more aware of their own emotional states, while also helping them to better recognize the emotions of others.

Growing up, I was not lucky enough to educated in emotional intelligence and recognition.  I was an extremely cheery and upbeat kid and had little to no experience dealing with the stresses of the real world as I would never let anything get under my skin.  Upon growing up, however, difficult transitionary periods in my life – such as going to college –  were extremely challenging, ultimately leaving me to figure out the coping skills that I would need as an adult on my own.

As a subsequent result of my own difficulties, I wanted my game idea to be able to at least make children more consciously aware of their emotional states so they don’t have to go into difficult situations with little or no coping skills.  Therefore, I have decided to create an interactive story game which allows for some user input (similar to the Telltale games).  The story will detail a series of events and will allow for players to choose certain responses or actions in each section of the story.  Depending on their selection, different scenarios will unfold each resulting in a different emotional response.  The affected characters will then explain how they feel as a result, why they feel that way, and how they can make the most of that emotional response or to healthily cope with it.  A quick example could be that one character in the story is demeaned or belittled by another character, thus granting the player numerous options to choose from in order try and cheer up that character.  This type of gameplay would not only allow for children to gain a basic understanding of how emotions can tie into their actions but would also allow for them gain some insight on emotional recognition as they’d visibly see characters in game respond to certain scenarios with certain emotional responses.


Group Members:

Luke Carpentier –

Sierra St.Onge –

Khuong Truong –

Darius Watts –

Nicolas Kruzel –


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