SGP: Signs of the Tide Contribution

This week our SGP group got together and discussed our three game ideas.  In the end, however, we decided that we were going to flesh out and further develop our turn-based strategy game which utilizes American Sign Language as a method of control input!  The basic idea of “Signs of the Tide” is that it will allow those who utilize American Sign Language or are trying to learn American Sign Language to practice both creating hand signs as well as recognizing them.

This week, I worked on the “Introduction to Game” portion of the game brief.  Although the actual game idea itself is pretty straightforward, the unique control method we created makes for a rather interesting game.  In it, players will be able to use sign language as a method of input via the usage of either a computer webcam or possibly the Nintendo Switch Joycon (which will view and interpret the hand signs formed by players).  Since “Signs of the Tide” is a strategy game, we decided that players will be able to use hand signs as a means of moving their units, as well as for choosing the actions of those units, in-game.  For this to work, we decided that the game will utilize a node-based system with which a player’s units can only be moved to specified nodes on the game map.  Above each node, a word will be listed which, when signed, will move the player’s selected units to that node.  Each level in-game will feature a different topic such as foods, colors, or months; which will be the basis what words will be associated with nodes on the game map.  Between levels, there will be story portions of the game during which in-game characters will sign in ASL directly to the players, after which they must utilize the signs learned during the previous level to respond to the in-game character.

I also worked on the “Unique Game Features” portion of the brief this week, however, our unique feature is the inclusion of the sign language based control input which I already mentioned above.


Game brief – link

Luke Carpentier –

Sierra St.Onge –

Khuong Truong –

Darius Watts –

Nicolas Kruzel –


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