SGP: Art Game (Chromacy) Contribution

This week our group decided to expand upon our colorblind art gallery idea!  We decided to call our game, which is essentially a walking simulator/art game, “Chromacy,” as it refers to the medical term used to classify certain types of colorblindness.

The initial idea we had tossed around involved creating some sort of psychedelic, VR art gallery which would immerse the players in elaborate and breathtaking environments, however, we ended up molding our vision into something slightly different.  What we decided was that players would begin the game at the entrance of an art gallery.  The player’s vision would already be affected by a form of colorblindness upon entering the gallery to examine the artwork on display.  Upon close examination of the artwork, however, the player will be pulled into the picture, thus allowing them to explore the environment within the painting in 3D (while still being affected by the colorblindness).  Players must then search for and find a painting of the art gallery within the 3D realm they have been transported to in order to be transported back to the art gallery.  Upon reentering the art gallery, players will be given a different form of colorblindness from what they previously had and they can they move on to examine the next painting on display.  The idea is for players to get through the entire art gallery, therefore experiencing and ingesting a ton of artwork without being able to see it as it was artfully intended.  Such an experience emphasizes the idea that art and beauty are very much tied to perspective.

As far as the game brief is concerned, I worked on fleshing out the game’s introduction which discusses our game’s purpose.  I also worked on the levels and environment section which discuss level progression as well as the general design of the game environments.  Other members of the group had other sections which they wrote out, however, much like last week, we tackled the game brief and powerpoint slideshow as a team and so we were constantly spitting ideas back and forth as we brought our work together.



Group Members:

Luke Carpentier – (Links to an external site.)

Sierra St.Onge – (Links to an external site.)  (Links to an external site.)

Nolan Aldridge – (Links to an external site.)

Khuong Truong – (Links to an external site.)


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