SGP: Naturalization Contribution

This past week, our Serious Game group worked on writing up a game brief and creating a presentation for our migration game idea.  We ended up pursuing my idea for a text-entry rogue-like simulation game which we’ve titled “Naturalization: The Drawn Out Process of Uncertain Immigration”.

The idea of the game is that players will take control of the actions of immigrants attempting to gain entry into the United States.  Prior to getting into gameplay, players are presented with the backstory of the character or family that they will be controlling.  First, players will need to gain entry into the United States by filling out and submitting documentation at an inbound immigration office.  Players will be shown a list of documents such as their birth certificate, various permits, certifications, etc.  They must use that information to correctly fill in a variety of documents which would permit entry into the States.  If players make a certain number of mistakes filling out their documents, the immigrant or immigrants they were controlling are sent back to their country of origin with a short, often bleak briefing of the outcome of their extradition.  The unforgiving nature of the game will be reflected by its look and feel as the art is to be pixelated and lacking of any vibrant or uplifting colors.

If players fail to correctly submit their documentation, they must restart the entire process from the point of view of another immigrant or family of immigrants.  If players manage to successfully submit their documentation, they will progress to the next immigration desk with further documentation to fill out and submit.

As far as the game brief is concerned, I focused primarily on writing up the introduction to the game which overviews its story, mechanics, look and feel.  However, our whole team met in the design building and worked together, throwing ideas back and forth as we each wrote our section in the brief.  We also all contributed to the creation of a slideshow presentation which summarizes the game brief.



Luke Carpentier –

Kevin Larson –

Ryan O’Mullan –

Nolan Aldridge – 

Khuong Truong –


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