SGP – Immigration Game Idea

This week’s focus for Serious Game was creating a game which exemplifies some of the many hardships faced by immigrants trying to gain entry into the United States.  Being that one of our group members has first-hand experience with the adversities and dangers of immigration, we decided to design one game around the actual process of traveling overseas to the United States.  To stem off of that, we also decided to design a game which is similar to “Papers, Please” while utilizing a text-based input system similar to “Façade” in order to emphasize the sheer length of the process required to legally immigrate into the US and to become a citizen.

The idea is that players will take the role of immigrants attempting to gain entry into the United States with the end goal being, through much trial and error, gaining US citizenship.  Each immigrant or family attempting to gain entry to the States will have a backstory which is presented to the player so that they can establish some sort of emotional connection to the characters.  Then players must utilize the text-based input system to petition for a Visa, stating their reasons for entering the United States.  When players finally gain entry into the United States, they can begin the next phase of the game.  This phase will involve players answering a series of questions (including questions which determine their understanding of US History and Government) which will decide whether or not they can gain citizenship in the United States.

We wanted to make the game very unforgiving as to show just how demanding the process of gaining citizenship is.  Therefore, if a player answers just one question incorrectly, the immigrant or family they were playing as is sent back to their home country and the process must be restarted from the point of view of another immigrant attempting to gain entry to the United States.  This will allow players to progressively learn all that needs to be done in order to gain US citizenship while also educating them on the harsh realities that many immigrants face when they are denied entry into the country.

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